Professional Services 

David Ortmann is a psychotherapist and sex therapist offering one-on-one psychotherapy, sex therapy, professional consultation and coaching. David is available for expert testimony in areas of clinical expertise: sexuality and power, BDSM, consent, relational conflicts, sexual identity development and alternative relationship paradigms.

David's therapeutic approach is Intersubjective and Psychodynamic in nature, although the Jungian, Object Relational, Existential, Taoist, and Mindfulness schools of philosophy and practice have all had a role in the development of his theoretical orientation.


From David: A word about sex...

Sex is a good thing, a great thing… and having responsible, consensual, actualized, and fully present sex can be one of the greatest experiences life has to offer.

A sex therapist helps patients get from where they are sexually to where they want to be. This can involve coaching, homework assignments, fantasy and dream exploration, behavior evaluation, risk assessments, and the more traditional, exploratory aspects of talk therapy. When appropriate, a sex therapist may recommend massages, bodywork practitioners, or surrogates.  I do not provide any form of physical bodywork in my practice

My opinions about the "sex addiction" industry have been quoted in Dr. David Ley's book The Myth of Sex Addiction, in media interviews, and in my own published works. I only consider clients who envision expanding, not diminishing, their sexual, erotic and relational experiences.