An Exceptional Therapist

... for exceptional people. David Ortmann is a dynamic, engaging, and passionate therapist and healer, bringing eighteen years of experience to the practice of psychotherapy and sex therapy. David offers highly personalized individual and relationship sessions in both his San Francisco and Manhattan offices as well as sex, relationship, and life coaching to clients internationally.  Contact David >


“David is one of the most relatable therapists I've encountered. At the prime of his career, with his handsome looks, sharply tailored suits, dorky glasses, and his mind – a veritable warehouse of sexual and psycho-social knowledge - he is the generational bridge between we baby boomers, millennials and Generation Y.  David can’t help but make people feel better on the path to self-discovery. It’s his gift.” — Rob C.

“David’s got a wonderful laugh. I’m a comedian and, like many of my ilk, I use humor to deal with a lifetime of alienation and pain. How can a therapist understand my pain without the ability to join me in laughing at some of life’s absurdities?” — Lila S.

quotes printed with permission



• Coming out
• Conflict Mediation
• Intimacy and Aggression
• Life Transitions and Death
• Kink, BDSM, and Fetish Sexualities
• Male Intimacy and Sexuality
• MAPs and AEAO's
• Monogamy, Nonmonogamy and Polyamory
• Mood Disorders
• Obsessions and Compulsions
• Pride and Self-Esteem
• Sex and Gender Diversity
• Sexual and Erotic Power Dynamics